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The "Girl " Behind the Camera

In the beginning, I started taking photos out of necessity. As a graphic designer, it was so much easier and affordable for my clients for me to just get the essential shots of their business, products or staff.  


What happened next, came as a surprise...I absolutely fell in love with the photography. I began to get really excited about composing the moment and capturing the feeling behind my subjects. For me, taking a picture is about freezing an emotion, seeing an image through the lense and capturing the detail and providing a "real moment" for clients to treasure forever.


I believe in the power and magic behind a photograph. I believe emotion can be captured and conveyed in an image...and it's priceless.


I have my camera with me most of the time. I wouldn't say that I specialize in any given area and I certainly would like to take on more complex subjects when the opportunities exist.  

Marie Cole San Jose Photographer

For me an engagement, a maternity session, families or other "magic" moments are particulary special to me. I also enjoy unusual shots and trying new things. Given that I have my camera with me almost every day, you never know what I'll capture next! This keeps it interesting for me.


Here are some my personal projects that keeps it interesting for me. Although I lean towards baby and children's photography, personally I enjoy capturing all types of images and finding fun creative moments during everyday life, while on vacation or if something interesting comes my way...